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Learn How to Remove Tagged Photos from Your Instagram Profile


There could be times where an individual, or their friend posts a tagged photo to Instagram that they might regret. While the person might think that the tagged photo is permanent, this is not the case. There are some simple steps that they can take to either remove the tag from the photo, or remove the photo entirely.

In order to accomplish this, the individual can first log onto their Instagram profile. Afterwards, they can browse for the photo that was uploaded that they don’t prefer to have tagged, or even online. After the photo has been located, the person can go ahead and take the steps to remove the tag from the image.

The procedure is relatively simple and can be accomplished without contacting Instagram customer support. Additionally, this process can be done at anytime the person needs to remove a tag from an Instagram photo. While an image may not be able to be removed, or un-tagged from a friends profile, the person can ask their friend to remove the image or to un-tag them from the photo. If they do not wish to comply, the image can then be reported to Instagram customer support for removal.

Although, the individual can also hide their photo or tagged image if they wish to do so instead of removing the photo from their Instagram profile completely. This way the photo is still online for family and friends to see. Whichever route someone chooses, when a photo is published, the individual will be notified immediately upon the photo being put online. The image will then be located in the “Photos of You” tab on their profile.

In order to access the settings for the photo, the person can simply click or tap on the image. Afterwards, their Instagram handle will be displayed; they may again click on their Instagram handle to proceed to the pop-up settings window. After reaching this page, there is an option labeled “Hide from My Profile.” The person can choose this option to automatically remove the image from their profile.

However, if they would like to keep the image on their profile, they may instead remove themselves and their tag from the posted photo. In this case, the person can choose the “Remove Me from Photo” option to remove the tag from the image completely. If necessary, the person can also report the photo to Instagram customer support as inappropriate so that it can be taken down immediately.

To prevent a tagged photo from appearing online again in the future without the individual’s consent, they can also configure some settings so that their tagged photos are automatically hidden on their profile. For this to be set, the person may either tap or click on the “Photos of You” tab, and then the “Settings” icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Next, there will be an option labeled “Add Manually” that the person can choose for their profile. When this option is set, all photos that are tagged under the specific Instagram profile will automatically be hidden from viewers.

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