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Best Practices for Rocking Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one the most used social media platforms of today; right up there with Facebook and Twitter, only different. In some ways one might even consider Instagram to be the better social media platform of the three because there are no filters to prevent interaction at any level. The following is a quick guide to using Instagram; you might even call it an info-gram.

Newbies: Growing Your Instagram

The first step and probably the most important part of joining a social network and making a success of it is filling out your profile completely and correctly. This step is crucial for both personal accounts and business accounts. Think about it this way your profile is you; it’s who you are, who you want to be, it’s your business, and everything that you want for your business. Take some time to fill out that profile and make it as interesting and readable as possible, even if you have to ask for a little help it will be worth it in the long run.

The second most valuable tip that I can give that will help your Instagram Network account to take off is to put your face into it. Okay maybe not your face but definitely your photos and follows. Start following your friends from Facebook and Twitter and they will most often follow you back, but don’t stop there get out into cyberspace and find other interesting business Instagramers to follow and enjoy. After all isn’t social networking is all about getting out there and connecting with others? Of course it is now on to the next phase of this guide.

Make Your Instagram Photographs The Best That They Can Be

You should keep in mind that some of the best photos on Instagram are posted by people just like you and me who simply want to get out there and socialize. Below are some tips and hints that can help you to have some really good looking pictures even if you aren’t a pro, and even if you don’t have time to take online classes.

    • Take lots of pictures of your subject
    • Take the time to crop your photos before displaying them on Instagram
    • Remove as many items from the photo as you can without damaging the subject
    • Experiment with lighting as you are shooting photos
    • Try to use natural lighting as often as possible
    • Shoot subject with and without flash to compare the different effects of the flash
    • Only post your best photos on Instagram and edit them prior to posting
    • Check out the Instagram Blog for more tips and hints about photography

Creating Relevant Hashtags For Your Instagram Photos

Hashtags can lead many followers to your photos if you use them in a way that will make your photos relevant and searchable. Instagram allows the use of up to 30 hashtags per photo but if you put some thought into it you’ll never have to use that many. When creating hashtags consider what you want those tags to do and use words to accomplish just that. For example: You have taken a series of photos of a certain local celebrity who will be in town on a certain date. Your hashtag should read like this (#location + celebrity name + Date) Hashtags are how people find your photos but they are also how you can connect with others work as well.

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