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3 Reasons Brands Can Not Ignore Social Media

With No Social Media Presence, Brands Are Missing Out!

In a world where the social media has become a major marketing outlet, it’s hard to imagine that many businesses are completely missing out! Sadly, that is exactly what some brands are doing when they choose to stay away from the world of social media. Keep reading to discover three of the terrible consequences businesses face when they ignore social media.


1. Businesses Miss Out on the Praise!
When someone likes something, they generally want to talk about it, and brands are no exception. Countless tweets and Facebook statuses are devoted to praising a product the user recently tried. When a brand is not involved in the social media, they miss out on reveling in their success. Even worse, if a brand does not employ sites like Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram they miss out on the opportunity to share positive customer reviews and reinforcing their brand image. Potential customers need to know that other customers liked a product before they want to try it; with the use of the social network, businesses can prove that their products really are a success.

2. Businesses Do Not Get to Correct Misunderstandings.
Not only do people use the social media to praise brands, but they also use it to run businesses into the dirt. While criticism is never pleasant, it’s better to face it head-on rather than try to hide. If a business is not involved in the social media, they will not have a chance to address disgruntled customers, opening the door for some serious reputation destruction. If a brand does use the social media, they can not only address ugly remarks about their product, but also use the criticism constructively as they seek ways to improve their products.

3. Businesses Miss Out on the Free Publicity.
Even worse than negative comments are no comments at all. Without a social network presence, it can be easy for excellent businesses to be overlooked or never even heard of by many potential customers. It’s sad to think that many brands spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns without employing the free advertising that the social media has to offer.

As you can see, the social media is an important part of running a successful business. If your business is not involved in the social network, I urge you to set up some accounts and take advantage of the no-cost opportunity to reach countless potential customers.

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